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Additional Foot of Pre-charged and Pre-installed Line Set + Longer Pre-installed Communications/Control Wire

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Need more than the 3m (9' 13") standard-length pre-charged/pre-installed line set and longer pre-installed communications control wire for your Quick 'n' Easy unit?  Your wish is our command.  Add 1 to 39 more feet, depending on your configuration (note that this 39', along with the ~ 10 base pre-charged line set) is the maximums allowable line set length for the Airspool system.  We connect in your required length with the proper couplers, attach the self-sealing quick connectors, nitrogen test the new connections, and pre-charge the full length with the correct amount of refrigerant so it's your required length, and once again, you can twist to connect.  And, we install the required longer communications control line, so that's also still twist to connect. So, measure twice to make sure you have the correct length, and we'll cut (and configure/pre-charge/ship) once. Remember, included with your unit is 9' 13" (3 m) of line set, so order whatever additional length you need on top of this.  Example:  you want a 20" line set.  So, you need to order 10' or 11ft here. And, note:  we're not trying to upsell you, but it's better to have a couple extra feet (won't hurt anything in terms of the refrigerant flow or system performance) vs. not enough (never a good idea).  So, in this example, order 22' to make sure you're good. 



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