At last! An air conditioner powered by solar makes sense, and Airspool is working to make it easy.

In the past, solar air conditioning wasn't really even a thing. Sure, some folks tried it, and even had some level of success, but not without a lot of time, effort, and money focused on these projects. We're working to make going solar simple by attacking the core of the energy demand for so many people: the air conditioning. Our systems allow you to plug in solar panels (around 1,500 watts suggested, which is usually around 3 or 4 panels these days) directly to the outside unit of the system. You can run off-grid using these panels, or you can choose to plug into any standard 110v/115v/120v outlet to have super-efficient cooling when it's cloudy or nighttime. Solar will always be prioritized, though, if solar panels are attached to the unit. No batteries, voltage controllers, inverters, or net metering are needed. Welcome to the future of air conditioning (and heating, since your Airspool unit will do that, too)!

Finally! Solar-powered air conditioning makes sense (and dollars)!