9 Reasons Why Airspool is a Great Decision

1. Clients like you have made Airspool the highest-rated solar air conditioning company. Your success is our success. 2. Airspool allows you to simply plug in 3 or 4 solar panels (around +/- 1,500 w) directly into
the outdoor unit of the system-- no batteries, voltage controllers, inverters, or net metering are needed. 3. Cloudy or nighttime? No problem.  Plug into wall power (110v – 115v grid or inverter) to fill in.  Solar is always used first.  Meanwhile, the unit runs at a super-efficient 22 SEER2 (the new higher SEER standard) for any grid energy needed. 4. Heard of the Inflation Reduction Act?  It may not be doing much to curb inflation, but, since Airspool is Energy Star certified, you get a 30% investment tax credit off of the prices shown here.  (And, tax credit =  cash off of your taxes, not a tax deduction.) The same applies for the solar panels, the labor to install the components, the whole kit and caboodle gets this 30% ITC.  Yes, yes, you’ll need to wait until tax time to get this, but when it comes time, your friendly federal government will owe you this money back. 5. Utility power—surprisingly—has become both more expensive and less reliable.  They have their scapegoats, but the bottom line is you can’t control them or trust them until you sidestep them.  Airspool
requires no net metering.  Simply use grid power when you need it, and those times are often at night when the grid is affordable (and more reliable). 6. To that end, Airspool runs when the grid is
down.  Whole-house net-metered solar is not allowed to run when the grid is down, even if it’s beating down sun, since this power may backfeed into the grid and cause injury or damage. 7. We’re working to make it easy.  Our standard unit installs like a normal mini split.  Our Quick ‘n’ Easy doesn’t require a vacuum pump, gauges, special tools, or, frankly, any expertise, and takes less than 5 minutes to connect everything.  We have an allotment of YouTube training videos for both systems.  We include the a.c.
power plug for both units (and, yes, pre-installed on the Quick ‘n’ Easy).  We have easy-to-understand instructions with lots of photos  for both system.  8. And, shipping for either system is under $100 to any continental U.S. location. 9. Finally, love it or lose it.  If Airspool isn’t everything (and more) mentioned here and expounded by our user references, you can return your unit for a full year (at our expense) after the ship date for a full refund. Sound (more than) fair?  Give us a shot.  You’ll be glad you did!

A client explains how he uses Airspool