Airspool MS12: Solar-powered air conditioner (12,000 BTU hybrid mini split air conditioner heat pump with air conditioning and heat using solar, grid power, or both)

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At last, solar-powered air conditioning is here!  Airspool is a super-efficient 22 SEER air conditioner/heat pump that allows you to get free air conditioning or heating once you snap-to-connect 3 or more solar panels.  Airspool doesn't need batteries or external voltage controllers like past units to run solar.  Instead, since the system's variable-speed motors are all DC, the same as the solar panels, no conversion is necessary.  Cloudy or nighttime?  No problem.  Simply plug in Airspool to standard 120v power for super-efficient 22-SEER cooling from grid power--no need to hire someone to set up a 240v breaker in the electrical panel.  Control from anywhere to change modes and temperatures, schedule on and off times, and see your electrical savings with the Airspool app.  Save the environment and save money with Airspool.

The Airspool kit includes the system (inside and outside units) for 12,000 BTU cooling/12,500 heating, insulated copper 3-meter line set to connect the two units, dust caps for protecting valves pre-insulation, remote control and batteries, 4-meter 4-lead communication wire between indoor and outdoor unit, 110/115/120v 10' plug, 10' condensate hose, 2" wide x 50' long non-adhesive wrapping tape, wall flange and putty, 2 MC4 disconnect tools, extra MC4 connectors, condensate hose, and thorough installation and maintenance instructions.


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