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Airspool Quick 'n' Easy MS12, the first true do-it-yourself (solar hybrid) mini split. 12-month happiness guarantee!

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Now we're talking!  All the benefits of our standard high-efficiency 22 SEER2 system when running on grid, infinite efficiency free free free when running off-grid, and a combination of the two when running hybrid using both solar and grid (or inverter) power.  But, much, much less installation friction.  In fact, you'll be able to attach the inside and outside unit in around 5 minutes.  How?  The refrigerant lines twist to connect, and are pre-charged, so no vacuum pump, nitrogen tank, manifold gauge set, torque wrench, adjustable wrench, your brother-in-law, your neighbor, etc. are needed.  Same with the included communications control wires...just twist to connect.  And, the included UL-approved correct-amperage electrical cord is not only included, but it's also pre-installed.  Finally, we give you...

  • The solar whips ($18.90 value)
  • The DC isolator box ($59.70 value)
  • 10m of solar wire ($37.80 value)
  • Electrical tape (for sealing the insulation), zip ties (for keep the line set in place, gloves (to more easily grip the self-sealing quick connectors), 36" of insulation for covering the connectors and the line set near them, a hole saw for your drill (for passing the line set through the wall, whether it's stucco, concrete, brick, or wood), the correct-sized drill bits and a Phillips screwdriver bit (for setting the inside unit's mounting plate and and the holder for the remote), and a level ($75 value for all of these goodies)
  • Discounted shipping.  Enter your location, guaranteed to be under $100 for delivery within the contiguous United States.  

The only tool you need is a drill. The whole kit and caboodle and then some.  Finally, once we do all of this pre-installing and pre-charging behind the scenes for you, we test-run your unit to make sure everything's up to snuff before shipping, so you're ensured everything is working correctly. 

So, much free cooling.  So little time, effort, money, and anxiety from doing it yourself, and no time, effort, money, or anxiety from begging a handy friend or hiring a 'contractor.' 

Give our patent-pending, soon to award-winning, soon to be cherished by you Quick 'n' Easy system a whirl risk free. Like our standard model, in addition to a 3-year parts, 5-year compressor warranty, this system also has a 1-year buy-and-try guarantee.  Return it with no shipping charge and get all of your money back if it doesn't exceed your expectations. The Quick 'n' Easy is true DIY solar air conditioning.

Expected shipment date:  October 12, 2023


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