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10-meter red/black DC solar cables (pair) to click in your system to your solar array

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  • 10m length (~32'10")
  • 12 American Wire Gauge (AWG) wire thickness for low line loss
  • Standard MC4 male connector on one and standards MC4 female connector on the other end to connect solar panels to your load (e.g., Airspool solar air conditioner)
  • 1,500 V DC, 4mm, 55 amp
  • Insulation 4mm outer diameter, sheath 5.5mm outer diameter

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Care Instructions

The indoor unit's washable filter should be cleaned around once per quarter year. The coils on the indoor and outdoor unit should be cleaned as necessary. In most environments, once every 5 years is sufficient. Dusty and/or humid areas may require more frequent coil cleaning. Cables should be placed in conduit for best protection from the elements. Disconnects are are free.